Moving Toward Wholeness

Seeking therapy is a brave choice. It is a decision to face our challenges and emotional and mental pain, to seek learning and growth. Beauty and healing can be found in having an accepting witness to our story. Sometimes we come with our family, sometimes with our partner or spouse, and sometimes we come alone. Watch this video to understand what to expect in therapy

We believe that therapy works best when we consider the whole person. To believe that we can fix a problem simply by addressing only thoughts, or only emotions, using our spirituality only, or just our physical body is typically simplistic and shallow. We believe that these are all aspects of one whole person, and at Deeply Rooted we work to include interventions that address all these areas.

What do we mean by deeply rooted? We want our clients to have a strong sense of self, meaningful connections to others, and tools that allow strength in times of crisis. Trees depend on their unseen roots to access water and nutrients necessary for their survival. They are able to withstand storms and winds, even as they look like they might fall over, because their foundation is secure. We desire for clients to develop a foundation that helps them face life with confidence and resilience.